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What used to be state of the art is often outdated or even dangerous. In the field of fire protection technology, control cabinets for sprinkler pumps are a good example of this.

In the past, live components, contacts and connection terminals in switch cabinets were often not covered. For several years,however, the resulting risk of accidents for operating personnel has been evaluated as much higher. Therefore the statutory occupational accident insurance funds are now demanding that only control cabinets with protection against contact must be operated.

In addition, many installed control cabinets are no longer conformant to their VdS approval as power protectors or other electrical components have been retrofitted, which are not listed in the VdS approval. Subsequent installations are often made to replace defective components or to implement additional functions.

If protection against contact is also absent from your sprinkler pump control cabinet or the current version has since deviated from the VdS approval, there is an enormous liability risk for you as the operator!


If there is no protection against contact or the current version of the cabinet deviates from the VdS-approved version, usually the complete replacement of the sprinkler pump control cabinet with a current model is the only rational course of action. 

The electronic control cabinet ESS 5000 M + is the first sprinkler pump control cabinet tested and approved under directive VdS 2100-21:2008 11. Consequently, it has been subjected to a significantly stricter testing program and has the technical characteristics of today’s state of the art. 

The installation of the ESS 5000 M + not only reduces your liability risk. The integrated fire alarm and extinguishing control technology RWP 5000 M + provides all functionalities of electrical monitoring and MonitoringPlus. In the course of replacing the control cabinet we will be happy to install the appropriate fault detectors and flow relays with it and put electrical monitoring and the basic functions of MonitoringPlus into operation.

Play it safe with us!

Scope of service

  • Decommissioning of the sprinkler system
  • Dismantling of the existing sprinkler pump control cabinet
  • If necessary, dismantling the existing fire alarm control panel and/or fault timer
  • Installation of ESS 5000 M + including wiring
  • If necessary, installation of the fault detectors for position, pressure, level and temperature
  • If necessary, installation of compressor and nitrogen generator relays
  • Activation of a maintenance reminder
  • Amending of the existing documentation and installation papers
  • Recommissioning of the sprinkler system with Monitoring(Plus) functions, function testing and briefing